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St. Albans Spinal Wellness Centre Helped my Golf Game

I’m a part-time and I get out to play about once a month. The reason is after about 15 holes, my back gets so stiff that the last 3 holes are uncomfortable.

I’ve been going to them about once a week for about 2 months now. I just played a golf tournament and I felt I could have played another 18 holes! I also play football and my back has been feeling so much better.

Dr. Danielle is a great doctor, and enjoys working with people in sports. I’m convinced it has helped me out a lot.

Pros: Great Results, Convenient Hours, Walk-Ins O.K.

Gary D

Friendly clinic with a Personalized Touch

St. Albans Spinal Wellness Centre is an great place to take your whole family and all of your friends. Dr. Danielle is friendly and approachable – she loves to answer all my questions and really makes me feel at home in the clinic. I’ve learned a lot about the importance of regular adjustments since I’ve been going to the clinic over the past year and a half. The location is great with lots of free parking. Dr. Danielle works with everyone to make sure they can afford to receive regular care. I’ve told several of my friends about her and they’ve all been happy with the care they’ve received as well as the cost. Thanks Dr. Danielle!

Pros: Affordable, Flexible Hours, Fun place to be!

Layla A


I have been golfing for more than 10 years. About two years ago I began developing a problem in my back, on the lower left side. I went to St. Albans Spinal Wellness Centre at the request of a family member and I’m glad I did. Dr. David took scans of my entire back and showed me what was going on. I had distortion in my spine and muscles from my activities. He was very knowledgeable about my body and had specific techniques geared towards golfers. I was impressed! I have been getting adjusted ever since and I’m playing better than ever. I love the ease of getting into the office. Great staff and very friendly.

I’ve had treatments in the past but never got the results I did at St. Albans Spinal Wellness Centre. Thanks!

Pros: Free and easy parking, Exciting Office, Confident Doctor

Andrew G

Great spinal care after my car accident

In 2002 I was in a car accident on the M25. A friend recommended Danielle Morgan at St. Albans Spinal Wellness and I was so glad she did. I had an accident several years prior and went to a chiropractor but the experience was much different.

My first priority was to get well and I was really stressed about the whole situation. In “Dr. Danielle’s” office I was taken care of like part of a family.

I was going 2 times a week for about a month and a half and then they saw me less after that. They taught me exercises, stretches and good ways to sleep, all things I didn’t know before. I remember telling Danielle once how stressed I was about being in traffic coming home from work. She told me that was important to share with her and she put it in her chart. She reminded me to keep track of not only how I felt physically, but how I felt emotionally.

I still go to get adjusted once per month as part of my maintenance plan. I could not have been happier with the job they did. Five stars for putting patients first.

Pros: Dr. is gentle and has great hands.

Kathie B